Written by: Rebecca Walton
Client: High Roller Reining Classic
Release Date: 2009-09-10

Las Vegas, NV – September 9, 2009 – It was an exciting day of competition at the High Roller Reining Classic as the nation’s best riders competed for top honors the $40,000 Open Futurity. Nothing short of perfection would garner today’s grand prize and that is exactly what Shawn Flarida executed aboard Whizkey N Diamonds, owned by Clinton Anderson and Kathy Worley. The pair nailed each spin, rode quickly through their circles, and slid into their stops with ease to earn a score of 221.00 and the championship trophy. The High Roller Reining Classic is the international “crown jewel” of western riding competition, and features over $200,000 in added money and prizes. The show is being held at the exciting and luxurious South Point Hotel, Casino, and Equestrian Center and will run through Saturday, September 12.

Flarida and fifty-eight other exhibitors had to complete pattern eight during today’s competition. The pattern began with four spins to the left and four spins to the right. Riders then had to pick up the right lead and canter one large, fast circle, one small, slow circle, and another large, fast circle. They then had to keep up their momentum and switch leads while completing another large, fast circle. Next, riders moved into a second slow, small circle, and then completed their final large, fast circle. Finally, riders had to complete three stops, two on the right lead and one on the left lead.

When $3 Million Elite Rider Flarida entered the ring the crowd knew they were in for a treat. He and Whizkey N Diamonds completed each set of spins with speed and precision. They then loped easily into their large circle and sat back effortlessly for their slow circle. When it was time for the duo to complete each of their stops Flarida legged Whizkey N Diamonds forward and they sent the dirt flying. The judges rewarded their excellent pattern with the day’s high score of 221.00.

“Today was really good,” acknowledged Flarida after receiving his awards. “This horse is really sweet and he’s really fun to show. He walks in and he’s very docile even though he’s a big stud. Today he turned really good to the left and turned a little better to the right. For the circles, he loped off and took a big breath of air and waited for me.”

Flarida continued. “During the circles to the left, I tried to run him just a little bit harder and he was good. The first stop was really nice, but he didn’t he hit the second stop as well as I thought he could. The third stop was really good though, and overall I was really happy with his performance today.”

Whizkey N Diamonds is three years old and Flarida began riding him last December. “I’ve had great luck with him,” said Flarida. “He’s a horse that needs a little bit of leg because he’s really docile. If you don’t kick him and tell him to go he’s not going to go. But I like that, it kind of fits me.”

Whizkey N Diamonds will compete next at the Quarter Horse Congress, and then at the NRHA Reining Futurity.

Fall 2015

In recent ads for the dynamic young stallion, Whizkey N Diamonds, owner Rhodes River Ranch has used a short paragraph that keeps coming true. It reads: In the rarified world of today’s top performance stallions, each one brags on dollars earned, pressrelease and promise. All too often there’s more promise than can be delivered.

That has never been the case for this handsome son of Topsail Whiz out of Princess In Diamonds by Shining Spark. He delivers on all three counts; over $220,000 earned, a pressrelease that is as good as any in the industry, and here comes the Big News . . . he delivers on the promise of performance, over and over again. The latest big win to add to his list is this winter’s AQHA World Champion, Senior Reining with Shawn Flarida riding. There is definitely the ‘promise’ that Rhodes River Ranch talks about in that short paragraph that introduces their stallion in the ads of major magazines. Whizkey N Diamonds is delivering everything his owners were promising, even before this latest win. In fact, waaay before this win.

Rhodes River Ranch is a highly respected breeder and owner of topnotch reining horses that compete wherever they feel it is necessary to prove again and over again what they promised in the beginning. His career is in the hands of ranch manager and trainer Sean McBurney, whose reputation is as stellar as that of the owner in this impressive program. McBurney has held himself, the program and the stallion to the highest standards. No tricks. No hype. No unkept promises on any level. They have purchased the finest mares in the industry to continue the idea of a ‘star-crossed’ pressrelease, now in the future offspring that will carry on the promise.

Whizkey N Diamonds started strong and has never lost his ‘spark’ of showmanship that dazzled audiences from his first shows as a three-year-old in 2009: High Roller Futurity Open Champion, Ohio Valley Reining Circuit Open Champion, Congress Futurity Open Reserve Champion, NRHA Futurity Open Third Place. It never stopped. A year later, in the show pen for the 2011 Wimpys Little Step 4, 5, and 6 Year-Old Open, he smoked the competition and took the highly coveted Championship. He followed up with the Gordyville Breeders Cup 4, 5 and 6-year-old Open Championship, again up against the best in the business. He was literally unbeatable. He was a promise kept in every sense. He finished out the 2011 season with a Co-Reserve Championship title at the NRHA Derby and took his season’s bow at the NRBC Derby. He could rest on his laurels, and on that promise so solidly stated by Rhodes River Ranch.

Now, in the winter of the 2012 season, Whizkey N Diamonds came back to prove his point: he and rider Shawn Flarida have rolled into the record books with a 228.5 score to win the AQHA World Championship Senior Reining division. There’s nothing left to say.

Go back and read that comment that leads each of his ads for the past several years. Whizkey N Diamonds lives up to every word. He is a show horse for the ages and now a sire for the future.

Written by: Kristin Pitzer & Kelsey Pond
Quarter Horse News
September 18, 2015

While it may not be rare for a husband and wife to compete against each other, it certainly does not happen often that one of them takes first and the other second in the same class. That’s just what happened in the Futurity Level 3 Open when Rsure Shot Of Whizkey, piloted by Sean McBurney, marked a 222, and Waitin On A Whizkey, ridden by Jordan McBurney, scored a 220.5.

Jordan said that while she and her husband are not competitive to the point where one wants to best the other, they “push each other to be better all the time.” Losing only to Sean was exciting since they work all day together and have had the two horses since they were born.

Both stallions are by Whizkey N Diamonds. Rsure Shot Of Whizkey is out of the Gunner mare Gunners Sureshot, and Waitin On A Whizkey is out of the Sailing Smart mare SS Rosa.

Though he did not do as well as he was hoping to thanks to penalties on his turnarounds, Sean said he was still very happy with “Curtis.”

“I don’t even think he’s maxed out by any means yet. He’s just a phenomenal athlete. I’ve never rode anything like him,” he said.

Sean and Curtis received $8,005 for the Championship. The duo also placed sixth in the Level 4, garnering an additional $4,118. Jordan and Waitin On A Whizkey earned $4,873 for the Futurity Level 3 Open Reserve Championship and $2,451 for tying for eighth in the Level 4. Both horses are owned by Rhodes River Ranch, which is located in Arlington, Washington.